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Here are links to environment and renewable energy organisations. Choosing to visit these will open a new page in your browser, leaving the Sundance Renewables website still on your desktop.


Association for Environment-Conscious Building
AECB is the leading independent environmental building trade organisation in the UK, encouraging, supporting and promoting greater environmental awareness within the building construction industry.


BagAge - reusable shopping bags - the REAL alternative
BagAge has a comprehensive range of reusable shopping bags, produce bags, gift bags and baskets making it easy for you to 'say no to plastic bags'.


Cymru Solar
Cymru Solar works to increase the deployment of solar energy in Wales. It promotes best practice throughout the solar energy supply market in Wales, facilitates information exchange and encourages the use of local manufacturers and installers.
EcoDyfi are an organisation located in Mid Wales, whose mission is to 'foster sustainable community regeneration in the Dyfi Valley.'

"Energy 21

Energy 21
The UK national network for renewable energy grassroots organisations. It's mission is to generate greater awareness and understanding of renewable energy.

The ENF website is an industry focused database of solar power companies, providing the latest solar business and technical news and also a list of government solar power contracts.
Green Electricity
Providing information about green electricity tariffs on offer to UK domestic customers.

Groundwork - Changing Places Changing Lives

A federation of Trusts, working for sustainable community development.

Naturesave Policies Limited

NatureSave Trust
Information on ethical insurance to protect you and your environment - for commercial and domestic purposes.

Click here for REIC splash page

Renewable Energy Investment Club
REIC promotes commercial activity in renewable energy to enable new ways of involving local people in investment, clean electricity use and generation. It is a non-profit making initiative.


SunWize - Solar Power, Panels and Energy
SunWize offers high-quality solar power systems and solar energy products for homes and businesses, including solar panel installation services for commercial and home solar panels.

Alternative Energy News
A useful resource for the latest news about the many forms of renewable energy.


Centre for Alternative Technology
CAT is a worker's co-operative, offering practical solutions to environmental problems, educational services, residential courses, consultancy and fee information service.

Promoting biogas from dry fermentation.  Explore the potential and suitability of biogas, find information on setting up a biogas site or business or get a free assessment to learn whether you could profit from dry fermentation.

A renewable energy workers co-operative offering solutions on a wide range of renewable energy options, encompassing all aspects of renewable energy from policy, market stimulation and resource assessment through to research, design, training, and implementation of wind, solar, micro hydro and biomass projects.
Energy Efficiency Advice Centres
Managed and part-funded by the Energy Saving Trust EEACs provide free impartial advice on energy efficiency to households. The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit making organisation set up by the UK government after the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.
Energy Planet
Renewable energy directory - features discussion about renewable energy, reviews and links to renewable energy.

greenheat logo

A service operated by the Mid Wales Energy Agency which offers help in developing appropriate renewable energy systems across mid-Wales.
Green Guide Online Database
Comprehensive directory with over 12,000 entries for eco-friendly, natural, ethical and organic goods and services.  Valuable information on everything needed for a sustainable lifestyle and workplace.

HI-Energy - Renewable Energy in the UK
Thanks to its geography and abundance of renewable and alternative energy sources, the Highlands and Islands of Scotland are poised to become the Green powerhouse of the UK.  The HI-energy website provides comprehensive information on renewable energy technologies, the market for this energy, and details of what the Highlands and Islands has to offer this emerging sector.

Low Impact Living Initiative
LILI is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to helping protect the global environment by researching and promoting sustainable low-impact alternatives. Many practical courses are run throughout the year.

Monmouthshire Green Directory
A green directory of eco friendly products and services in Monmouthshire - with listings of green products, green places to stay, green businesses and great tips on how to live a greener lifestyle!

REAL Cymru

Real Cymru
An organisation offering advice, information and access to grants for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in the home, workplace or community. Real Cymru works in partnership with the Centre for Alternative Technology, EEACs and Greenheat. � Wind Energy Jobs
Global green job site with wind and renewable energy jobs listed in 20 countries worldwide.

With support from the Carnegie UK Trust, ruralnet|uk has undertaken research into community energy projects with the aim of providing a better understanding of community energy projects, particularly in the rural context.
ruralnet|uk has created a 'map' of community energy initiatives all over the UK and provides a 'snapshot' of current grass-roots activity in rural areas. Click here to download case studies which provide good illustrative
The Renewable Energy Centre
'Saving money, saving energy and saving the planet.'  A Renewable Energy website recently launched for the consumer and business markets.  The site provides introductions to the key areas of renewable energy as well as a comprehensive directory of specialist contractors and suppliers for each technology. 

Database of UK businesses supplying sustainable products and services to education.

UK Energy Saving

UK Energy Saving
The UK Energy Saving website gives information and tips on ways to save energy and also how to save money on household bills.


Waste Collection Online Shop allows you to navigate to all products on the website.


This site was developed by Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and WWF, with the aim of providing information and resources for the public to support local wind farm proposals.
Baywind Energy
Baywind Energy Co-operative in Cumbria is the UK's first and largest community owned energy project.  With over 1,300 members, Baywind own six wind turbines in Cumbria and seek opportunities for new renewable energy schemes involving local communities.
Catalyst Collective
A worker co-operative who help people set up and register co-operatives.  Have worked with over 120 housing co-operatives, about 40 worker co-operatives, a few charities and a variety of different companies with co-operative aims.
Co-operative Action
Set up by consumer co-operatives in the UK to help communities develop co-operative, mutual or social enterprise solutions to the social and economic challenges they face.
The Co-operative Society
The 'Co-op': shops, funeral directors, bank - the UK's largest consumer co-op. Customers become members to show support for the way they do business, and own and democratically control what the Co-op does.
Co-operatives UK
The union of co-operative enterprise in the UK, promoting co-operative and mutual solutions and working in partnership with their members to build a strong and successful co-operative movement.
Good Fuel Co-operative
Sundance is a member of the Good Fuel Co-operative - a UK co-operative whose members are themselves co-operatives producing and supplying biodiesel and other low carbon fuels in their local area.
The Industrial Common Ownership Fund has been provided loan finance for co-operatives, employee owned businesses and social enterprises for 30 years. They raise the money to do so primarily by public share issue and are regulated by the financial services authority in the conduct of investment business.
Wales Co-operative Centre
The Wales Co-operative Centre is a key partner in developing the Welsh social economy.  The Centre 'supports the development of co-operatives and social enterprises as well as tackling social exclusion and bringing economically inactive individuals back into the world of work.'  Offers a variety of expertise in many forms of co-operatively structured enterprises and provides a full range of development, advice and training services.

Antur Teifi - Promoting Prosperity
Antur Teifi is a community initiative that aims to promote economic and social development throughout Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and beyond, ploughing any surplus back into community ventures.  Their mission statement is to develop as a company that 'pioneers innovative and quality businesses, projects and activities with the potential to create sustainable products and services that contribute to the regeneration of the area.'

Credcer - Ceredigion Credit Union
An opportunity for the people of Ceredigion and the Teifi Valley to join the 'fastest growing financial movement of the world' while helping to find new ways for communities to flourish.
Merlin Savers / Cynilwyr Myrddin
Pledge your support for a local group aiming to establish a credit union for rural Carmarthenshire.  1,000 pledges needed, please visit the link above to download a Merlin Savers pledge form.

Wales on the Web
Wales' primary access point for Wales related information and services on the web.  Landsker Community Credit Union of South Pembrokeshire provides the local area with its own democratic savings and loan organisation.  A community initiative, always looking for volunteers to learn new skills and increase their confidence in the workplace.


Guides Network

For more information on saving money on your utility bills, energy tips for the home, kitchen and garden, details about the UK's gas, electricity and water industries and the companies operating within them or advice about what to do in an emergency such as a gas leak or power cut, please click on the logos opposite: - Switch Energy Suppliers
A free online comparison of green energy suppliers throughout the UK - A useful green energy comparison tool to help visitors make an informed decision before committing to a new supplier.  Site includes an accreditation to the energywatch confidence code.
Positive News
Positive news from around the World.
Sunseed Desert Technology
Sunseed Desert Technology is a project set in Southern Spain which aims to 'develop, demonstrate and communicate accessible, low-tech methods of sustainability in a semi-arid environment.' Hundreds of volunteers go to Sunseed each year and work in a variety of departments, contributing valuable work and ideas. For more details on a wonderful working holiday experience please visit the link above.
The Ecologist
The Ecologist is the world's most widely-read environmental magazine.
A comprehensive public interest website focused on explaining your fuel, water, council tax and phone charges.
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